Let’s talk about our lives. People generally have a good feeling about changes in their personal lives. When you listen to somebody talking about a change in their personal life or about a plan for the future, a goal, you hear lively, positive expressions of hope and drive. For most people, like me and you, pursuing goals leads to self-transformation and creates positive experiences. 

For example, preparing for marathons, getting a new gadget, listening podcasts about self-motivation, and even pursuing higher education. Getting a certificate or a degree empowers us and gives us a boost of excitement and chance to improve even more.

However, when we’re talking about organizations, it’s a different story. Organizational transformation is harder to achieve, slower and more difficult to implement. The average member of that organization feels overwhelmed and afraid about technological changes in their company! Especially in nonprofit organizations where people work for decades and sensitive to even small changes.

Today technologies change very fast and some old and slow processes in dance industry, such as applying for grants, don’t work anymore.  Unions and company managers need to cooperate, be more progressive and acceptive to changes. We can add to it dance education industry that struggles to offer online education and new technological solutions to improve students’ progress. Public schools and dance schools don’t collaborate together with dance industry to create something similar to the Broadway industry licensing agencies. 

Although in some areas dance industry is doing good, in others it can be improved. Moreover, dance companies already have a path made by other industries, such as fitness, sport and music. Now they need to create positive experiences from making changes so people would be happy to catch up with the global progress.

So how do we convert a company’s malaise to technological upgrade and improvement into a positive and enthusiastic experience, like self-improvement does? What are the road obstacles that stop dance companies to have this positive approach and to transition fast and smooth as digital technologies and the rapid market changes?

In my next blog post I will answer these questions by then let me know your thoughts about positive ways to improve dance industry.