The Nutcracker for/by Public Schools

I choreograph and stage adapted Nutcracker ballet for public schools. This ballet is suited specially to intermediate school students of all dance levels. I slightly changed the plot to make sure that the whole ballet can be performed by two or three classes with minimal costume changes and lasts no more than 40 minutes.



The first performance of this ballet was at the IS 228 David A Boody during the Winter Holiday Concert featuring the Nutcracker ballet that I staged and choreographed for more than 100 students of dance magnet. It was the first Nutcracker performance presented by the BBT and performed by publis cshool children at the school’s auditorium, and the audience – parents, students and school staff – was thrilled. Brooklyn Council member Mark Treyger, who was in the audience even joked that our show was better than on Broadway and agreed that Nutcracker looks better when danced by public school students.

Read more about it on my blog here and contact me if you would like to have this Nutcracker ballet at your school.


Author: Irina Lapteav

Category: Gallery