The Giant Turnip

Brighton Ballet Ballet showcased it’s recital performance and festival “The World of Dance” at Kingsborough Community College on June 18-19th 2014 at 6.30pm where students performed Slovak folk tale “The Giant Turnip” choreographed by Irina Lapteva and Edouard Kouchnarev .

“The Giant Turnip” is a Slavic children’s folktale that takes place in a Russian village. This charming folktale comes to life with Russian folk music, traditional dance and lavish costumes.

Early in a spring morning, a loud chattering wakes up a peasant Grandfather and he goes to his garden to see where the noise comes from. There he encounters a bunch of bees, barely escaping he ends up in the neighbor’s courtyard where a group of girls were dancing. He joins the dance, but after getting tired he came back to the garden to plant a tiny seed that grows into a gigantic turnip.

The next day the grandfather tries to dig it out – he tries and tries – but can’t get it out. He calls his wife, the Grandmother, to help and together they try but still can’t pull out the stubborn turnip. So they ask their Granddaughter who ask the Dog, then the Cat and even all together they can’t pull the turnip out! Finally they call a little Mouse to help and with one pull the turnip slides out from the soil and everyone celebrate the accomplishment. Sometimes all it takes is the big tough of a small hand.

Author: Irina Lapteva

Category: Gallery