Ballet Pilates


Irina Lapteva

Irina Lapteva is teaching Ballet Pilates in Brooklyn and Queens. If you do not know what Pilates is and if you didn’t read Ms. Lapteva’s blog post about “Pilates Is My Favorite Workout” then follow that link and watch a video.

This is a relatively new type of exercise – if you told someone the word PILATES 20-30 years ago, people would have thought that you speak Latin (language) or something. Pilates is actually the name of the inventor of this type of exercise – he was a German trainer, who lived at the beginning of the past century. Joseph Pilates created this method in the 1920s, and today pilates programs are available in any fitness centers and very popular among business people, performing artists, doctors and athletes.

So what is PILATES?

Pilates is a group of light physical exercises for middle body: chest, stomach, back and buttocks. Pilates includes all the effective elements from dance, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, and even skiing and weight training, to improve balance, strength and flexibility. I do these types of exercises using different props on a mat without a reformer machine.

What are the benefits?

It focuses on strengthening the core without unnecessary stressing other parts of the body. For example, lifting weights can put stress on the legs while not really balancing the core. Jogging uses the legs and arms but not the core.  A healthy body is achieved when you have a strong core.  With a strong core, you can control your balance and the entire body, and you will be able to move freely with confidence. Another benefit is that it improves the blood circulation and the flexibility of the body.

Why Pilates has become so popular in the last decade?

People like Pilates because it works great for all kinds of fitness levels. You don’t have to be a hard-core athlete to do Pilates. It’s great for someone who is rehabilitating from an injury, like runners, dancers, yoga students. Women who have just had a baby like this method. Certified instructors can modify the movements to fit any physical abilities.

What is Ballet Pilates?

Ballet Pilates class includes a 25-min of Ballet Barre Workout +  20-min of  Pilates Mat/Abs 15-min of Yoga Stretch that is a total of 60 min of harmonious physical development in an ambiance of classical music and using props. By taking doing Ballet Pilates you will get not only benefits of Pilates but also you will achieve:

  • Sculpt long lean muscles
  • Muscle control & coordination
  • Improve flexibility
  • Burn Calories and lose waight
  • Heal old injuries & prevent new
  • Know Ballet basics
  • Reduce Stress level & have fun


Ballet Pilates is available at 8pm on Wednesdays at 3806 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.


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