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The Creative Process in Arts Education

When we are young we go to school and learn: history, math and science. When we grow up we get a job and again learn new things in our profession. Even when we grow old we still keep learning and use our life experience to live a healthy and long life. In fact we never stop learning. And for our learning to be successful we need to keep the mind and body in harmony, and to develop creativity.

That’s where dance and arts education come in. In order for our children to develop a harmonious personality, it is important to help them discover and encourage them to pursue an artistic activity. I at Brighton ballet foster creativity – and teach children to express themselves  through movement of their body. Although dancing requires repetition – because practice makes you a better dancer, as we all know – the creative process becomes active and lasts during whole class: it is at its basic element the curiosity to learn everyday something new -new movements, techniques, dances and terminologies.

The Greeks knew the value of dance; not only did they dance in worship and ritual, but they also made dance a part of the training of athletes and warriors.


Author: Irina Lapteva

Category: Gallery