Pilates is a body-toning system that improves flexibility, core strength, circulatory function, muscle control and coordination. Moreover, Pilates is my favorite workout.

My pilates is a set of stretching routines aimed at healing from injuries, burning calories, and sculpting long lean muscles through a combination of barre workout and mat pilates. This class lasts 60 minute and mixes the most effective exercises for everyone’s need. It gives you dynamic exercises accompanied by classical music. You can target and access each muscle group to shape your legs, flatten your abs, firm your upper body and so on. You’ll shape your muscles while improving posture and balance, because in my classes stretching immediately follows each exercise in order to relax you muscles and develop a posture.

Joseph Pilates created the method in the 1920s, and today pilates programs are available in any fitness centers and very popular among business people, performing artists, doctors, athletes and other busy people. Here is a short history of pilates, if you want to learn about its origins and you’ll also find out that pilates is a combination of yoga, martial arts and gymnastics.

Although the pilates and yoga were designed with different goals, and while professionals will see increased strength and flexibility with both, both systems have been classified as mind-body fitness programs and both focus more on the breath technique. As for me, I enjoy both pilates and yoga, but obviously, I lean more towards pilates since it benefits a dancer’s body more and with pilates I am most experience in!


Irina Lapteva