I’ve been reading “Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet” by Jenifer Ringer during my summer vacation – a dance memoir and a really honest story about a ballet dancer’s career. The book takes the reader on a a journey through different dance techniques and explains what New York City Ballet is about, its history and what makes it so special.

The author also offers generous tips on how to become a principal dancer, and insets from Ms. Ringer’s personal life, her struggles with an eating disorder, her quest for finding a partner in her life, and her religious belief. The most important lesson one can learn from this lecture is that problems can be overcome with will and faith and that makes sense and also concurs with my conviction that most of ballerinas are spiritual persons. Otherwise they wouldn’t be seen as unreal Sylphids, Wilis, Cupids,  Muses and so on.

Jennifer Ringer’s book is a professional dancer’s book with soul that is a must read for every ballet student.

Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet by Jenifer Ringer