In order for our children to develop a harmonious personality, it is important to help them discover and encourage them to pursue an artistic activity. We at Brighton ballet foster creativity – and teach children to express themselves  through movement of their body. Although dancing requires repetition – because practice makes you a better dancer, as we all know – the creative process becomes active and lasts during whole class: it is at its basic element the curiosity to learn everyday something new -new movements, techniques, dances and terminologies.

And it is not only the students who get immersed in these creative processes, it is the teacher too. All of my dances, every year, for already 5 years now at Brighton Ballet every time are different and new. I get inspired with every new class of children and they get to learn something new so everyone could enjoy and keep the creative spirit alive in our classes.

Individually – every child is different so we have different approaches. Therefore we have so many Pre-Ballet classes for different levels, ages, times, so we could better place each child in the class where her personality will fit the best. But our work together is a team work. We dance as a group, we are all supportive to each other and friends with each other, so when we starting our exercises, we all feel that unity.

All this creative process from an early age will help children in the future to become a better person, a professional dancer, leaders and even Nobel prize winners if they will want to, because I teach not only dance techniques, coordination and flexibility, but also creativity, imagination, team work and some important academic subjects as well. But more about academic benefits of dance education I will write in my next post.


Irina Lapteva