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The Benefits of Learning to Dance

When was the last time you went out dancing? How many of you have ever taken dance lessons?

After reading this post I believe you will want to dance more often because the benefits of learning to dance and to have dance education are enormous and not all people are aware of them. Dance improves our creativity, imagination, team work and helps us to learn some important academic subjects as well. Dance also helps people develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively, and here’s why:

The physical benefits of dance are obvious so I will not list them now, but the emotional, social and cognitive attributes are not so well known.

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My review on “Dancing Through It”

 I’ve been reading “Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet” by Jenifer Ringer during my summer vacation – a dance memoir and a really honest story about a ballet dancer’s career. The book takes the reader on a a journey through different dance techniques and explains what New York City Ballet is about, its history and what makes it so special.

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