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My review on “Dancing Through It”

 I’ve been reading “Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet” by Jenifer Ringer during my summer vacation – a dance memoir and a really honest story about a ballet dancer’s career. The book takes the reader on a a journey through different dance techniques and explains what New York City Ballet is about, its history and what makes it so special.

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To Be a Dance Teacher

           To be a teacher is to eliminate pride and think about others the same as you think about yourself and your family. Your class becomes your family. You get to know your students by their names, and every day you learn more about their personality. Once you know them and they feel it, students are happy and confident when you are around them, and that gives you motivation. You’re doing your best to stay on top of your field inside and outside of your areas of expertise, and your knowledge must not be limited to curriculum and art canons. But you must also create an atmosphere of motivation and confidence that keeps the good vibe in the class and this is the way to do so:

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Pilates Is My Favorite Workout

           Pilates is a body-toning system that improves flexibility, core strength, circulatory function, muscle control and coordination. Moreover, Pilates is my favorite workout.

My pilates is a set of stretching routines aimed at healing from injuries, burning calories, and sculpting long lean muscles through a combination of barre workout and mat pilates. This class lasts 60 minute and mixes the most effective exercises for everyone’s need. It gives you dynamic exercises accompanied by classical music. You can target and access each muscle group to shape your legs, flatten your abs, firm your upper body and so on. You’ll shape your muscles while improving posture and balance, because in my classes stretching immediately follows each exercise in order to relax you muscles and develop a posture.

Joseph Pilates created the method in the 1920s, and today pilates programs are available in any fitness centers and very popular among business people, performing artists, doctors, athletes and other busy people.

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Brighton Ballet Theatre’s Commitment with Public Schools

           Brighton Ballet Theater (BBT) has been working with students in public schools for more than 10 years, teaching them ballet, character and contemporary dance. I.S. 228 is just one of the public schools where Brighton Ballet Theatre has a dance residency program.

Intermediate School 228 David A. Boody has residency program with BBT already for the second year now, under my direction, Ballet Teacher and Choreographer and with support of the executive director of BBT Irina Roizin. We just had three recital shows which were called “A Dancer’s Life” on May 28-30th under the direction of Jan Ford, teacher of IS 228, and me, Irina Lapteva. Students of the 6th, 7th and 8th Grades Dance Magnet showed all the steps of dancer’s life by analogy with natural growth, starting from nature and birth, through their everyday life to become a dancer and finally performing at one big show in order to make other people happy.

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A Perfect Duo in ABT Performance of Giselle

I was very lucky and fortunate to attend one of the best performances by the American Ballet Theater (ABT) this season at MetOpera, on June 21st the Summer solstice day.

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A Music Legend Sharing the Love for Arts

A music icon and an amazing personality, Tony Bennett is also an arts promoter.

Exploring The Arts, a foundation that he and his wife Susan have established and been running for more than ten years now, helps promoting performance arts programs in public schools, both in New York and L.A.

The 2013 evening Gala held in New York City had more that 500 guests who contributed $1 million for the foundation.

Tony and Susan are also the founders of Frank Sinatra School of thr Arts (FSSA) a public arts school located in Astoria, the birthplace of Tony Bennett.

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