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A Music Legend Sharing the Love for Arts

A music icon and an amazing personality, Tony Bennett is also an arts promoter.

Exploring The Arts, a foundation that he and his wife Susan have established and been running for more than ten years now, helps promoting performance arts programs in public schools, both in New York and L.A.

The 2013 evening Gala held in New York City had more that 500 guests who contributed $1 million for the foundation.

Tony and Susan are also the founders of Frank Sinatra School of thr Arts (FSSA) a public arts school located in Astoria, the birthplace of Tony Bennett.

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Achievements That Make Us Proud at the End of the Year

Here’ it is – the curtain is down, the performance is over and all our efforts are rewarded by the warm applause.

At the end of the year we take time to assess our achievements, we rejoice is our success which make our efforts worthy and our failures insignofficant.

Perhaps most of all my efforts I am proud of my dance magnet class.

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Working Hard for A Great Project

I am very excited about our performance by my troupe of dancers from  the public school I teach to.

I’ve been working with my girls from the dance magnet group of I.S. 228 for over a year now, I come to know them, to see their progress and to admire their determination.

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Our Most Beloved Performance – Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker

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Performance of Children’s Album at the BAM

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